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Approaches and Systems - Vendor Managed Inventory

Approaches and Systems
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Approaches and Systems

Because every business is different, Lawrence Screw offers multiple approaches to vendor managed inventory.

VMIJust In Time (JIT)Kanban

Just-in-time Kanban approach maximizes your return on investment, efficiency, and quality by reducing in-process inventory. By utilizing your MRP or requirements data we develop a schedule to meet your needs. This scheduling system uses real-time demand rates to determine production and supply, leading to better component management. We'll know what to produce, when to produce it and how much you'll need.


Consignment can be provided with or without a Vendor Managed Inventory System. Consignment is a useful option for those who want to cut-down on unnecessary inventory. Lawrence Screw owns the inventory for you, so you'll only pay for what you use. We can take you to a zero inventory level. You have the parts you need to build you r products on hand but pay for them only when you use them.

Third Party LogisticsSupplier Reduction

If you have suppliers that are not able to provide Vendor Managed Inventory we can manage these suppliers directly as a "C" item or we can manage them with a 3PL program with no cost to you.

Local Warehousing

To make the most of your facility, let Lawrence Screw take care of storage. By keeping your inventory off-site, you'll free-up more space for production processes.

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Approaches and Systems- Capabilities

General Capabilities VMI / Just In Time Deliveries (JIT)
Kan-Ban Programs
Local Warehousing
C-Item Programs
3rd Party Logistics
Just In Time & Kan-Ban Advantages Continuous Improvement
Improved Quality
Improved Supplier Relationships
Improved Flow of goods (Warehouse to shelves)
Reduced Inventory
Reduced Lead Time
Reduce Handling and Storage Cost to You
Minimized Waste
Consignment Not Invoiced Until Item is Used
  • Zero Inventory
Warehousing Space Over 120,000 Square Feet of Storage Facilities Heated
Warehouse Types Dedicated / Regional
We open warehouses to support our customers near their operations to reduce shipping cost and time.
Space, labor and equipment dedicated to multiple clients under long term contract to reduce costs.
Industry Standards ISO Quality System Standard
International Organization for Standardization
  • ISO 9001:2015
We can procure products to all major industrial standards
  • ASME
  • IFI
  • ANSI
  • ISO
  • JIS
  • DIN
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